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Case Studies


Energy Saving Free Cooling

In Malaysia, a leading mobile operator deployed Coolsure’s ECS-2000 free cooling unit at 800 of their BTS shelter sites. Although free cooling is not ideally suited to the hot/humid Malaysian climate, Coolsure ECS-2000 incorporates enthalpy (humidity) control, allowing safe deployment in humid areas without risk of the humidity inside the shelter exceeding prescribed limits and damaging the telecom equipment.

The Coolsure ECS-2000 was configured to work together with the existing twin residential comfort split air conditioners, which were only activated when free cooling was unable to maintain shelter conditions within the specified range. The temperature in the shelter was raised to 35C, allowing free-cooling for a significant portion of the time and providing a controlled trade-off between reduction in reliability of the telecom equipment and life of the batteries and cooling system energy savings.

Coolsure’s ECS-2000 free cooling solution reduced the run time of the air conditioners by up to 80% and provided a 75% cooling system energy saving.

The intial rollout of 800 Coolsure ECS-2000 systems is providing the operator with an estimated cumulative energy saving of 7 MWh per annum, while keeping their network cool.

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