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Case Studies


Enabling Alternative powering solutions for Off-grid Shelter sites

In a trial in Indonesia, two Coolsure UTS-55W air conditioners working in tandem with a Coolsure ECS-2000 free cooling unit were installed at an existing off-grid BTS shelter site, powered by twin diesel generators each run on 12-hourly rotation. While the telecom equipment was able to operate from the batteries for a period of time, the existing AC powered air conditioners could not, requiring a diesel generator to be running at all times to power the air conditioners and prevent the site from overheating.

The low energy consumption, and the ability of both the Coolsure UTS-55W and ECS-2000 systems to be powered from the batteries, enabled the replacing of one of the diesel generators with a large battery bank and the conversion of the site to a charge/discharge system. Coolsure’s low power hybrid cooling solution only contributed a fraction of the total site load, minimising the cooling system load on the batteries and maximising the time between generator run cycles – key to maximising diesel fuel savings.

Charge/discharge powering solutions require a significant capital investment in batteries. Coolsure’s combination active and passive cooling solution ensured the optimum environment for long life and reliability of both the batteries and telecom equipment, despite the high outdoor temperatures and humidities routinely encountered at the site.

The reduction in cooling system energy consumption and ability of Coolsure’s cooling solution to operate from the enlarged battery bank, facilitated a 76% diesel generator run time reduction, and reduced annual diesel fuel consumption by approximately 12,000 litres per site. The operational cost savings generated from the solution provided a less than 18 month payback period.

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