About Us

Energy Saving, Uninterruptible Telecom Cooling Solutions

Company History

Coolsure was founded in 2007 to address the shortcomings with traditional cooling solutions for indoor cabins/shelters for telecommunications, mainly focusing on energy saving, facilitating alternative/renewable power strategies and intelligent controls.

Today Coolsure is a leading supplier of energy saving cooling solutions for telecom shelters. With high efficiency AC/DC air conditioners, free cooling systems, smart controllers and remote monitoring solutions, Coolsure has helped save energy and create value for many telecom operators and tower companies with over 4,000 systems deployed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What We Do?

Coolsure provides high efficiency telecom cooling solutions mainly for telecom operators and telecom infrastructure companies for their shelter sites such as BTS, BSC and Hub sites. Apart from telecom focused market, Coolsure energy saving and DC powered cooling solutions have also been successfully applied to small server rooms and office buildings.

Coolsure is a customer-centric company, which delivers value-adding solutions to its customers. Customer’s requirements are analyzed and field-tested to provide solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and also provides the best possible return on investment.

Vision Statement

"To be a leading creator of value for our customers and stakeholders and contributor to environmental protection through the provision of energy saving solutions and services."

Mission Statement

"The innovative application of technology and engineering to provide energy saving solutions, to help reduce our customer's environmental impact, while contributing to their profitability."